My name is Mike Kappers, I grew up in Hammond playing sports, working at neighboring farms and managing the Baldwin Dairy Queen.  In 1997 I received my undergrad  at UW-Stevens Point for Resource Management and Environmental Law Enforcement.  During college I worked as a park ranger and special game warden while also working at apartment buildings doing maintenance and repair.  Right after college I was hired by the Somerset Police Department and part-time for the St. Croix County Sheriff's Department.  As a young officer at Somerset I uncovered police corruption within the police station. I knew the things that were happening were not right, and not right for the community. Even as a young officer I knew the difference between right and wrong.  I built a case working with the sheriff's department and the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).  Based off of my investigation, they found probable cause to conduct a search warrant on the police department.  The warrant and its finding led to the termination and criminal charges of the individuals who were responsible for these unfortunate events. 

For the next year I was Officer-in-Charge (acting chief) until they found a replacement.  I was quickly and deservingly promoted to Sergeant in 2001, taking care of the day to day operations of the department for several years.  I had the privilege of being a K-9 handler for 12 of those years, investigated all types of crimes, worked numerous drug cases with task forces and the Drug Enforcement Agency and was even able to work undercover on several state and federal cases.

From 1998-2006 I was the assistant wrestling coach for Somerset High School. 2007-2010 I acted as head coach until returning to my assistant coaching position until 2013.

2001 I started a painting business and painted several of the homes in the Somerset Meadows development along with starting my Masters Program in Police Leadership, Administration, and Education at the University of St. Thomas in 2003.

In 2005 I was hit by a car while riding motorcycle.  My foot was facing the wrong way.  I was able to return to work a few times before needing more ankle fusions and surgeries.  

From that experience I knew that my law enforcement career would eventually come to an end and that having a "job" would not sustain my future family.

I went to work starting Grassbusters Lawn Care Business (2006), bought a four-plex for a rental property (2007), started Apple River Liquor (2008), and Apple River Hideaway (2010).  All while between surgeries and starting a family.

In 2012 it was time to say goodbye to my law enforcement career.  I had been off for nearly a year from a fusion that didn't take and needed another fusion.  It was time for me and the department to move on.  Luckily, two metal bars and fourteen screws in my ankle later, I can get around but my days of chasing down the bad guys are over.  I try not to let anyone see my limp, I hide it well, but please don't ask me to run, there is no hiding that:)

I purchased the Corner Saloon in River Falls in 2013 and renamed it Maverick's Corner Saloon after my first born son.

Our home is located at the Apple River Hideaway Campground, so the kids get a lot of room to run and plenty of duties like mowing grass and selling firewood to the campers. It is important in my eyes as a parent to instill a good work ethic, and know the value of hard work.

Somewhat recently, I also started to substitute teach a few days a week in the Somerset School District.  In addition to teaching I also enjoy coaching T-ball and Somerset Youth Wrestling.

As a police officer, I never went after a person. I would help them realize that it was their actual behavior that was bad and then would mentor them to fix that negative behavior.  As a business owner, I've learned that only you are in control of your own future and the future of your family.  It's been a great mix along the way.

My entire life I have been setting high goals for myself and the people around me.  As your town board supervisor, I promise that I will do my best to bridge the gap with other boards, help solve citizen issues, and make Somerset a great place to work, live, and play.  Thank you for your Vote.